Your rights under GDPR.

At Exuprio S.r.l., with registration number 12346490969 (hereinafter ”Gainpay”), we believe that data protection is of foremost importance. That’s why we have taken a number of steps to comply with European data protection legislation (GDPR). The following section shows how you can exercise your rights under GDPR at Gainpay & where to find important resources regarding the protection of your data.

Which Data do you handle?

We believe in only handling the bare minimum of personal data needed to give you a great experience in using the Gainpay service. That’s why we will only request information directly related to the use of the service or information we are required to collect by law, i.e. financial regulation. To find out more about which data we store & process please read our privacy policy.

How do I access a copy of my data stored at Gainpay?

You can download a copy of your Gainpay transaction history on our website under the order history tab. If you like to receive a full copy including any additional personal data Gainpay stores and processes, you can request a copy of it by emailing a request to support@gainpay.org. This archive of data also allows for data portability. This means, should you ever wish to switch from Gainpay to another provider, you can use that archive to keep your data after you closed your Gainpay account and import it to the new provider.

How do I request Gainpay to rectify my personal data stored on the platform?

To rectify any data we store about you message Customer Service via our Chat or by email at support@gainpay.org.

How can I ask Gainpay to delete my personal data stored on the platform?

If you like us to delete your personal data or restrict us from processing it, you may request this by emailing support@gainpay.org with your request. This request will be answered within a period of 30 days. Please note that financial regulation legally requires us to keep records of certain activities including some personal information.

Who can I contact about Data Protection Enquiries / Who is Gainpay’s Data Protection Officer?

Gainpay places high priority on answering any data protection enquiries via our customer service channel. However, should you have specific enquiries you can also always contact our Data Protection Officer via dataprotection@gainpay.org.